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The old Man and his Shell House

"Paco started to cover the walls of his house with shells, 40 years ago then just couldn't stop." I love that kind of creativity; innocent, just because you have to.

You can see more of Paco's shell house @ My Castle in Spain:
Paco in la casa de las conchas, the shell house in Albuñuelas

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Sailboat turned Homestead

On her outing to Olympia (WA) Lisa @ Coastal Nest discovered this sailboat turned homestead. So you can have it all! Wind in your sails and grass between your toes.

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Greek Salad

Inspired by Bloggers who Love Greece and my desire for an authentic Greek salad I'm sharing the link to The Preppy Patio's Greek Salad Recipe. After all, the girl used to live in Athens! And did you know that the Greek Salad is also known as Horiatiki, or village salad?

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No Boundaries

Tomas del Amo: Mokulua Islands, Hawaii

"I could no longer identify the boundaries of my body, I felt enormous and expansive. I felt at one with all the energy that was, and it was beautiful."
These are the words of Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist who had suffered a stroke. No boundaries, all expansive; that's what I see when I look over the ocean. Beautiful.

Jill's book: A Stroke of Insight


Cupcakes Contest

One of the many cupcakes participating in Martha Stewart's Cutest Cupcakes Contest 2009. Not my creation. I'm not a baker, only someone who thinks pastries are beautiful.

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Ready for a Beach Picnic?

"Beach dinners must be exceedingly portable and simple. Not only do we have to get it to the beach, we also have to be able to pack up in a hurry if a thunderstorm should develop," says Chef Mom.

Does this beach "tablescape" meet the requirements? I don't think so, but it sure looks fabulous. And to my own surprise, I have actually never had a beach picnic!

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